For the beginner:

Do not know where to start his practice in implantology?

Confused when choosing a system for implantation?

Perhaps you want to start already? For you Course 1 and Course 3

For experienced Implantologists:

Want to discuss professional issues, clinical cases, to exchange experiences, "Sooner or later, every implantologist puts implant is not in the correct position," "Only he who does nothing" and finally "learning from mistakes"?

Want to increase your professionalism? Everyone will find something that he needed to
Course 2, Course 3


At the end of our course you will:

Expand the knowledge and skills to work with dental implants

Save a lot of money due to the knowledge of the correct use of bits and pieces and tools for implantation

Increase your income through the acquisition of knowledge and skills and increase self-confidence

Lifetime opportunity to get advice from our experts on all matters of your work

We connect you with your successful future!