Reconstruction of the buccal alveolar crest bone block

Reconstruction of the buccal alveolar crest bone block

Connect implant system invites you to a course for dentists

"Reconstruction of the buccal alveolar crest bone block"

Our lecturer

Evgeniy Zaharenko (Ukraine, Kiev)

     1999 - Graduate of NMU named after Bogomoletz Kiev, dental faculty.

     1999-2010 - Doctor - Surgeon - Dentist Offices maxillo - facial surgery Kiev City Hospital №12.

     Since 2008, the head of the dental clinic of Dr. Zaharenka Kiev, the practitioner, the operating surgeon (implantation, bone grafting) of private dental clinics in Dnepropetrovsk, Odessa and Lviv.

     Permanent Rapporteur seminars and international conferences on bone grafting.
     Member of the Association of Implantology Ukraine, International Team of Implantology (ITI).
     Active participant in the international training programs, conferences, courses:

     2013 - Switzerland, Bern University prof. D. Boozer and prof. W. Belser, Master Course in Esthetic implant Dentistry.
     2012 - Iceland, Reykjavik, Fellow of the Icelandic Education Week. Prof. B. E. Pietursson, Prof. N. P. Lang.
     2011 - United States, Los Angeles. UCLA School of Dentistry: Advanced implant therapy, periodontics and esthetic dentistry. Dr. William R. Yancey, Dr. Jovanovic, Dr. Mclaren.
     2010 - Germany, Augmentation procedures part III: Training program on implantology, sinus floor elevation. Prof. Dr. Fouad Khoury.
     2009 - Germany, Augmentation procedures part II: bone grafting procedures and soft tissue management. Prof. Dr. Fouad Khoury.
     2008 - Germany, Augmentation procedures part I: bone harvesting techniques, augmentation and soft tissue surgery. Prof. Dr. Fouad Khoury.


During the course, provide all necessary tools and materials for teachingAfter the event, issued certificate.Connect the dream and reality!See you, see you in the hospitable Lviv!

Registration and information:

79060, Ukraine, Lviv, str. Kniaginia Olga, 99

+38 (032) 295-55-61 (62),+38 (067) 675-26-27

Course duration - 1 day

The course will be held on the basis of «Connect» at:

str. Kniaginia Olga, 99, Lviv